The Breakers return to Palisades Tennis Club gives fans the opportunity to look back at some of the impressive history of the franchise.  From Maria Sharapova to Pete Sampras, Lindsay Davenport and the Bryan Brothers, the Breakers and Orange County residents have seen a wave of success on the court in their Mylan WTT history.  The 2017 Breakers look to add to this long legacy and splendid history with another King Trophy.

  • 2017 will mark the Breakers 13th year in Mylan World TeamTennis.
  • The Breakers raised the King Trophy in 2004 as Mylan WTT Champions
  • The 2005, 2006 and 2016 Breakers reached the Mylan WTT Finals

The team's current venue, Breakers Stadium at Palisades Tennis Club, is the Breakers fifth home venue in the franchise's Orange County history.  The Breakers have previously played at Palisades Tennis Club (2003-2006), Newport Beach Country Club (2007-2009), The Tennis Club-Newport Beach (2010-2011), the Bren Events Center (2012-2013), the Newport Beach Tennis Club (2016) and Palisades Tennis Club (2017-present).

The Breakers have a rich player history, below are the Breakers rosters which represented the team over the franchise's first 13 years.

Player History:

  • 2003 Lindsay Davenport, Eva Dyrberg, Josh Eagle, Brian MacPhie, Jewel Peterson, Maria Sharapova. COACH: Dick Leach
  • 2004 Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Ramon Delgado, Ellis Ferreira, Aniko Kapros, Nana Miyagi, Maria Sharapova. COACH: Dick Leach
  • 2005 Katerina Bondarenko, Devin Bowen, Ramon Delgado, Anastasia Rodionova, Maria Sharapova. COACH: Dick Leach
  • 2006 Ramon Delgado, Tina Krizan, Rick Leach, Anastasia Rodionova, Pete Sampras. COACH: Dick Leach
  • 2007 Lauren Albanese, Ramon Delgado, Rick Leach, Michaela Pastikova, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Jeff Tarango. COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2008 Angelika Bachmann, Rebecca Bernhard, Lindsay Davenport, Ramon Delgado, Lilia Osterloh, Michaela Pastikova, Kaes Van't Hof. COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2009 Ramon Delgado, Julie Ditty, Marie-Eve Pelletier, Maria Sharapova, Kaes Van’t Hof. COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2010 Lester Cook, Julie Ditty, David Martin, Marie-Eve Pelletier, Maria Sharapova. COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2011 Pete Sampras, Anne Keothavong, Lester Cook, Travis Rettenmaier, Marie-Eve Pelletier, COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2012 Lindsay Davenport, Anna-Lena Groenefeld, Jana Juricova, John-Patrick Smith, Travis Parrott, COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2013 Steve Johnson, Coco Vandeweghe, Maria Elena Camerin, Treat Huey, COACH: Trevor Kronemann
  • 2016 Steve Johnson, Nicole Gibbs, Scott Lipsky, Alla Kudryavtseva and Dennis Novikov, COACH: Rick Leach
  • 2017 The 2017 Breakers roster will be assembled during the Mylan WTT Draft in Indian Wells, CA on March 14.


2012 Breakers players Jana Juricova and Anna-Lena Groenefeld 

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